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    Anti Corruption Statement In its pursuit of the value “develop and manufacture safe and effective products to serve a healthy & happy life for all humankinds” while practicing the company mission of “make life more valuable”, the United Laboratories Co., Ltd. (TUL) strives to become a first-class pharmaceutical company; along this very quest, the social civic responsibilities of the company have always been sought to be better fulfilled.
    Sincere support from every partner of the company is essential to TUL’s development. All along, TUL has been advocating the business principle of friendship, equality and mutual development, in an expectation to build a fair and upright partnership. The conduct of commercial bribery is law breaking, economic order disrupting and against basic business principles, resulting in unfair competitions, wasted resources, and increased operation costs, precluding healthy partnership and severely damaging the reputation of both parties. Commercial bribery also breeds corruption and induces economic crimes, corroding employees and the foundation of enterprise development.
    We therefore expect our partners to abide by the law and stick to business principles, as well as to build an honest and fair communication environment with our employees.
    Based on above cognitions, the United Laboratories states:1.We advocate an internal team atmosphere of “friendship, responsibility, diligence and efficiency”, to maintain a clean and healthy internal working environment. Employees are encouraged to abide by the law and behave morally and honestly.
    2.We require employees to abide by Employee Manual, TUL Employee Non-corruptive Practice and related occupational ethics during trade talks with business partners, to ensure fairness, equity and transparency of the partnership.
    3.We forbid employees to conduct unregulated behaviors involving commercial bribery, unfair competition or seeking of unjustified personal interests, such as through arbitrarily interfering with progresses, or through charging of “service fee”. Partners of TUL are obligated to reject and report such violations conducted by TUL employees.
    4.We encourage polite commercial intercourse and object to commercial briberies including gifting, paying commissions or other forms of personal benefits, which poses undue influence to the relationship between parties.
    5.We expect our partners to obey related anti-corruption and anti-unfair competition laws/regulations and the Anti-corruption Cooperation Agreement, and to firmly object to delivery of unjustified benefits including receiving/paying cash, articles, convenience, opportunities, etc. to obtain the opportunity to provide products/services or to receive favorable treatment in the competition. Violation of above regulations would result in termination of partnership and addition into blacklist.

    It is the wish of the United Laboratories to achieve mutual development with all partners on a basis of friendship, equality and honesty, so as to better fulfill social civic responsibilities. Thank you for your great support!
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    • lawyer, TUL Group Auditing and Legal Affairs Centre
      Mrs. Zhao Ling
    We advocate friendship and responsibility as opposed to hypocrisy;
    We advocate diligence and efficiency as opposed to slackness;
    We advocate mutual development as opposed to selfishness at other's expense;
    We advocate self-discipline as opposed to defalcation and corruption.